In 2015 I worked with Markethub to refresh their brand identity, website and provide a new colour scheme and UI guideline for their software’s dashboard. I also worked on prototype designs for their digital signage product.

Markethub’s unique electronic labels allow for dynamic pricing and a shop to analyse stock levels and make recommendations.Markethub’s technology was implemented in stores such as Spar, Marks and Spencers and Sainsbury's.
Mobile-first design
A key consideration for the website redesign was that it would be designed to work effectively on mobile and tablet. A significant proportion of users 70%+ would be using a tablet or mobile phone to access the website if they needed more information or support with the digital signage.Below: Designs for the mobile versions of the website
Below: Designs for the mobile versions of the website
Analytics dashboard
It was important that shop managers not be able to intelligently label and update the prices of their products but to be able to analyse their inventory over time. This concept dashboard design allowed them to track where there might be product waste and highlighted the key areas they would need insight on.