In 2016 I designed branding and UI concepts for Pebul, an easy to use, mobile-first CMS from Avid Solutions a software development company in Manchester.

For this design I used Apple's Human Interface Guidelines and Adobe XD to create detailed designs for the application that would be primarily launched as a native iOS App. The CMS would allow visitors to login on the go and check orders, visitors, comments and carry out minor edits on their website.

Client:Avid Solutions


Type:UI Design, App Design

  • Pebul CMS

    The idea of the App version of Pebul was not to give all the capabilities of the website but access to the CMS to carry out changes on the fly. The admin could then 'check in' on the site wherever they may be. This would be especially useful for updating prices, orders or minor text edits that need to be carried out quickly.

Pebul App Features

Visitor Tracking

Access to analytics, showing new visitors, geographical locations and time spent on which sections of the website.


Access to orders section of CMS (where applicable) showing new items for shipping.


Display of new comments or correspondance with the website for filtering.


Access to site content for doing quick text edits and post amends.

Image Upload

Image only content can easily be added straight from the mobile's camera.


Displays comments, likes and follows on posts from the website.